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Thursday, May 9, 2024, 3:00 PM


The shift toward using non-halogenated flame-retardant (NHFR) solutions is a vital move to create more sustainable materials in various industries, catering to the needs of end-users. However, NHFR technologies come with both challenges and opportunities. These include regulatory compliance, material selection, cost, and performance optimization. Avient’s comprehensive NHFR portfolio, regulatory support, technical expertise, and testing capabilities can help manufacturers navigate this transition successfully.

Who should attend:

Product Designers, Processors, Regulatory Affairs Specialists, Wire & Cable Manufacturers for Energy and Telecom, and Sustainability Officers in E&E, Building & Construction, and Transportation Industries.

What you will learn:

This seminar will discuss the performance characteristics and potential environmental impact of non-halogenated flame retardant (FR) solutions. We will explore the latest advancements in non-halogenated FR technologies and discuss how to overcome common challenges. We will also review strategies for achieving compliance and performance goals without compromising safety or sustainability.

  1. Introduction to Non-Halogenated Flame Retardants:
    • Explore non-halogenated flame retardants, focusing on environmental and health benefits.
    • Understand the regulatory landscape driving the adoption of non-halogenated solutions and review real-world examples driving fire safety.
  2. Challenges of Non-Halogenated FR Solutions:
    • Explain key performance indicators for non-halogenated flame retardant performance.
    • Present technical challenges in manufacturing approaches, polymer compatibility, applications, and regulatory compliance of non-halogenated flame retardants.
  3. Advancements in Non-Halogenated FR Technologies:
    • Highlight recent innovations in non-halogenated flame retardant formulations and their applications in various industries.
    • Analyze case studies demonstrating successful implementation and performance of non-halogenated FR solutions.
  4. Overcoming Implementation Challenges:
    • Optimizing formulas of non-halogenated flame retardants that are versatile with different resins, ensuring regulatory compliance, improving product quality, and providing increased sustainability.
  5. Sustainable Solutions and Future Trends:
    • Examine the role of non-halogenated flame retardants in promoting sustainability and circular economy principles.
    • Discuss the significant impact of emerging trends on sustainability initiatives, such as advanced mobility and electrification.

How Avient can help:

Below are strategies that manufacturers can use to overcome the challenges of non-halogenated flame retardant (FR) solutions, along with the relevant Avient solutions that can help:

  1. Regulatory Compliance: Navigating the complex regulatory landscape to meet global product standards.
    • Avient offers guidance on compliance with key regulations such as NFPA, REACH, RoHS, WEEE, TSCA, and SVHC, helping manufacturers meet the requirements for non-halogenated FR solutions.
  2. Material Selection: Choosing the right non-halogenated FR additives to achieve desired performance and customer requirements without compromising on safety or sustainability.
    • With a broad range of non-halogenated FR additive solutions, including PTFE-free options, Avient offers options tailored to different polymer grades and applications.
  3. Performance Optimization: Balancing flame retardancy with other critical material properties such as mechanical strength, colorability, and processing behavior.
    • Avient offers technical support during industrial trials to optimize processing conditions on existing equipment, proposing tooling modeling design to improve line speed and output.
  4. Sustainable Innovation: Developing FR solutions that align with environmental and health considerations, such as reducing per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and other similar substances.
    • Avient delivers non-halogenated FR solutions that support sustainability goals, including options for recycled polymers and unique formulations.
  5. Testing and Certification: Ensuring products meet fire safety standards and obtaining necessary certifications for market entry.
    • Avient provides access to UL 94 flame testing sites and supports material qualification at plant locations, facilitating faster market entry for products using non-halogenated FR solutions.

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Rob Poupard
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Rob Poupard
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Senior Technology Manager, ADTS-Technical Service, Color, Additives and Inks
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Robert Poupard is the Senior Technology Manager and Manager of Technical Service for the Color, Additives, and Inks business unit in the North American (NA) region at Avient Corporation. Avient is a leading provider of specialized and sustainable materials solutions and services. Robert started working with Avient (then Clariant Masterbatch business) in 2001 as a technical and sales trainee. Over the years, he has held various technical roles, including lab management and technical service, and has worked in several manufacturing locations across the U.S. He spent three years in the fiber market out of Dalton, GA, and ten years managing the design lab in Minneapolis, MN, where he developed a diverse product line of color and additive custom products. In Minneapolis, Robert also worked for two years supporting the Operations Excellence program. Since 2015, Robert has been living in his home state of Michigan. He holds a bachelor's degree in applied chemistry focused on plastics and rubber from Ferris State University in Big Rapids, MI.