Session Details

Tuesday, May 7, 2024, 1:00 PM


Color engages the consumer and can enhance the design of a product. Focusing simultaneously on aesthetics, functionality, and color efficiency while understanding the process that the materials will go through can heighten shelf impact and differentiate your brand.  

Who should attend:

Designers, Marketers, and Brand Managers Engaged in Product Development.

What you will learn:

Selecting colors, materials, and finishes has a tremendous impact on the overall appeal of a product. To get the best results you need to choose the right colors and finishes. This presentation will explore strategies for choosing the best colors, materials, and finishes for your design. It will also discuss strategies for incorporating recycled and/or bio-based materials without compromising appeal or performance.

  1. Optimizing the Appeal of Your Product via Color and Design:
    • Learning how to choose the right colors, materials, and finishes to optimize your overall design.
    • Understanding how color and finishes impact consumer choices.
  2. Identifying What Color Means in Different Regions:
    • Discovering how consumer preferences for color can vary across industries and regions.
    • Strategies for researching market channels, i.e., store type/demographic or e-commerce.
  3. Material and Color Selection:
    • Making resin choices work to your advantage.
    • Choose the right color for your material.
  4. Effects and Material Finishes:
    • Gloss, metallic, matte finish, texture.
    • Color-changing effects.
    • How to convey sustainability, longevity, and luxury.
  5. Choosing a Process:
    • How injection molding, blow molding, compression molding, and roto molding impact color and effect choices.
  6. Full-Service Color and Part Design:
    • Leveraging prototype renderings and physical parts.
    • Insights into high-level colors, materials, and finishes.

How Avient can help:

These are the services that can support each of the color and design strategies.

  1. ColorWorks™ Design & Technology Centers:
    • Global locations and color material and finish expertise.
    • Co-collaboration.
    • Onsite rapid color matching in custom molds.
  2. ColorForward™:
    • Global color direction and expertise.
  3. Avient Design:
    • Material decisions and selection support.
    • Industrial design insight and analysis.

Speaker Details

Stephanie Dycha
Full Name
Stephanie Dycha
Job Title
Senior Manager / Head of Avient ColorWorks™ US & Canada
Speaker Bio
Stephanie Dycha has dedicated her career to the world of color for the last two decades. She specializes in working with brand managers, utilizing innovative technology, and applying extensive trend knowledge. Stephanie strives to take a circular design approach to a new level in plastic products. Currently, she holds the position of Senior Manager/Head of ColorWorks™ US & Canada at Avient Corporation. She manages the ColorWorks facility in West Chicago, Illinois, and Avient's latest ColorWorks location in Phoenix, Arizona. Stephanie and her team work with a diverse client base hailing from various fields, including packaging, consumer goods, automotive, and more.

The Avient ColorWorks network comprises five global centers designed to encourage imagination and support the creative exploration of new plastic product ideas. These centers also provide the technical resources necessary to test the feasibility of unique and original product designs.

Stephanie is a longtime member of the Color Marketing Group, holding positions as the Vice President of Marketing, Board of Directors Member, Color Material and Finish Co-Chair, North American Steering Committee Member, and is the current Co-Chair of the Future Thinking Committee. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Management from Loyola University Chicago and an MBA in a joint program with Loyola University Chicago Quinlan School of Business and Loyola University School of Environmental Sustainability focused on Sustainability Assessment and Planning.